Halloween is full of great memories for me. I remember dressing up as the blue power ranger, slapping on my roller blades and making my way through the neighborhood to collect a pillow case full of candy. It was great. My sister and I owned the neighborhood. At the end of the night we ate the things that we loved and knew when to stop so we didn’t get a stomach ache. We were lucky that we knew when to stop.

Some kids, certainly the smaller ones, don’t know when enough is enough. Our job as parents is to help them and I hope this short post will give you an idea to get you thinking on how you can control their candy intake and/or keep their immune systems strong as we head into the holiday season. Candy is great, but that “candy rush” feeling is fleeting. I am not saying that you need to rip the candy out of their hands or to give your kids apples and bananas in exchange for candy. I am offering a different way of thinking that involves incentivizing the kids to make a healthier choice…one that reaps rewards!

In our house, we try to incentivize our kids properly to make healthier decisions. What does that mean? Well, we pay them real money for any candy they turn in. That’s right…we pay our kids to make a healthy choice. They can either choose to have the candy or they can choose to get PAID! Our kids have to make a decision…get the short candy rush and enjoyment quickly or get paid and but something they really want later. The decision is theirs.

We don’t force our kids to do anything, but we do make strong recommendations based on education that we provide them. We feel that if we are able to really get to the education side of things that our kids will make the healthy decision on their own when it comes to candy, treats, snacks and other junk food. Now I know that you won’t be able to stop every piece of candy or unhealthy snack…I am not asking you or your kids to be perfect. Building an awareness of what you put in your body is extremely important and if you can do it the right way with your kids right now, you will help them to build a lifetime of healthy living!

Cory Warren
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