What You Will Learn From This Episode: 

Jenn Warren is not only a wife, mother of three and actress…she gets to play in the big blue world of Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom each week. Jenn is an actress who helps to interpret Dory’s every thought, move and voice through her talents. In this episode, Jenn talks with Cory about where she finds her daily inspiration, tapping into her emotions show after show and how the show’s message can help you be a better parent to your kids!

Being able to perform at this level of physicality is very difficult. Just like a professional sports player, these performers train and condition their bodies to have endurance, strength and incredible core stability. In addition to the physical demands of the show, the performer’s emotions must be on their sleeve as they go through a range of emotions in a short period of time. Some performers even have the ability to drop a tear on cue!

If you have a chance to see Disney’s Finding Nemo The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I invite you to take your entire family. The show is family-friendly, incredibly high quality and really entertaining. The show plays several times throughout the day and there is always a busy line to get in, so make sure you show up at least a half hour early so you can get in and get a great seat…although there is not a bad seat in the house. The performers are on the stage, in the audience and all around you during the show for a fully immersive experience!

For a full version of the show that you can screen before you see it live, which includes Jenn playing the role of Dory, click below on the video that I found on YouTube that was uploaded by a fan of the show!

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