What You Will Learn From This Episode:

My wife Jenn is a warrior. Soon after having a successful VBAC birth and breast feeding, she developed several infections which left her defeated. Just when things couldn’t get much worse, her chronic illness, ulcerative colitis showed its ugly face! Being the fighter that she is, Jenn is taking on her illness with medical drugs and an amazingly intense food program that she discovered after reading a positon paper from Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In this episode, Jenn will share how she got where she is, what she is doing to try and get out of it, and several other bits of knowledge in hopes to inspire others working through a chronic illness of their own.

Our family has done everything it can to help her through this journey and I hope that if you know someone suffering from any chronic illness, that you will do the same. Our family includes friends, relatives and even folks through facebook that we have never met that send messages of support. Jenn will make it through this, but just like Dr. Furhman’s paper says, “aggressive dietary modifications hold the key to relief and recovery.”

Here is a quick video of our family making Dr. Furhman’s green juice he recommends in his position paper:

Disclaimer: This podcast and post featuring Cory and Jenn, as featured on the website realirondad.com is not meant to be taken as medical advice. From Cory: “I am not a medical professional and do not have any degrees or certifications in health and nutrition. I am simply a dad doing the best I can do keep my family as healthy as possible. If you suffer from any of these diseases or a chronic illness, it is always best to work directly with your medical professional to come up with a plan that works for you.” Cory and realirondad.com are not in any way affiliated with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Furhman’s Position Paper on IBD is public information that can be found on his website. Real IronDAD is in no way affiliated with or benefiting from mentioning Dr. Furhman’s article.

Items Mentioned In The Podcast:

  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Positon Paper on Ulcerative Colitis – HERE
  • Real IronDAD Radio Episode #34 with Gary Beckman talks about living with Crohn’s Disease – HERE
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 – A movie about juicing to save your life – HERE
  • Vegucated – A movie on Netflix that features Dr. Joel Fuhrman – HERE
  • Green Vibrance Powdered Greens Supplement – HERE
  • If you know anyone currently living with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis that lives in or near the Central Florida area, please send them to a local support group website run by Cory and Jenn. There are videos and resources on the site even if you don’t live close by. www.orlandosupportgroup.com


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