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This week we are talking fitness, but not any type of fitness…smart fitness. Andrew Noble is my guest today and he is the owner of Smart Fitness, which is located just a few miles away from me in the city of Ocoee, FL. Of course if you live locally you should check him out, but I wanted to bring Andrew on the show to pick his brain about his fitness thoughts. I love talking to trained professionals about fitness, so I hope you walk away with a bit of knowledge and that Andrew motivates you to go try his gym or get out there on your own to improve your fitness…because being fit has to start with your willingness to get out there and move.

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

    • Smart Fitness Website – HERE
    • work put in at gym helps with everyday life
    • Smart Fitness applies techniques of traditional style weight lifting and removes momentum and injury by slowing it down
    • This type of workout was started by Andrew after working with a chiropractor, who was using it for rehabilitation purposes
    • We all have the same 168 hours per week to work with. You can find 20 minutes twice a week to workout!
    • Workouts can be done in work clothes.
    • The difference between Smart Fitness and traditional weight lifting is that the muscle is actually under tension for more time in a Smart Fitness workout. This enables you to maximize your time in the gym and really work every second rather than taking long, extended breaks to get to the next machine, gossip, etc.
    • Fatigue is breaking down muscle, causing micro-trauma, which causes the body to rebuild stronger. Everyone has the same possibilities.
    • Machines vs Free Weights – Machines are better for safety. The machines in Smart Fitness are Nautilus.
    • Smart Fitness does workouts twice a week to allow for adequate rest and recovery. Then there are 48-72 hours between workouts to allow for adequate rest and recovery.
    • Find the number of days you can work towards your fitness and stick to it.


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