Hey there fellow Lean Green DAD Readers,

I find myself with only a couple days left before my triathlon and I’m nervous.  I’m calm because I’m excited to actually do it, but knowing the work ahead is a little unnerving. I started this journey on a whim. A friend asked me to do a triathlon and after saying no three times, I finally said yes. I had also had a couple glasses of wine when I agreed to it. My husband Mike knew I’d bail once the wine “yes” wore off so he insisted on signing me up for the race the night I said yes. I started training the next day.

As a novice in all three sports, swimming, cycling, and running, I googled a training plan. I found one that looked doable. It started with running for 15 minutes and 9 of those minutes were a warm-up. That was my kind of easing in! As time passed and my workouts became longer, the struggle became figuring out the time of when I could work out. My husband is a notorious “worker-outer.” He works out 6 days a week in the morning. I can appreciative that he wakes up around 5:30am so that his workout is complete and he’s home to help get the kids ready with me. Now, that I needed to work out as well, we needed some tweaking. I began working out in the evenings. At first, evenings were great, but as we hit the rainy season, I needed to work out in the mornings. Also, I felt safer riding my bicycle in the mornings instead of during rush hour. I remember some mornings we barely saw each other. We’d tag team, he’d come home and I’d leave right after. That wasn’t quite fun, but I’m proud of myself for doing it and sticking with it.


With two days left, I think back on the work I’ve put in to do this race. It gives me a sense of mental peace that I’ve done all that I can do to prepare. The only thing left is to do it. The nerves and anticipation fill me up from time to time. Reminding myself that I’ve prepared is really great. My hopes are that I have fun, I don’t throw up, and I finish! Looking forward to writing AFTER the race and giving you my emotions of actually doing it! Till then…HERE WE GO!


UPDATE: She did it! Finished strong and still smiling!