Back To School As A Busy Parent - Julie Woods Robinson

Julie Woods Robinson has a dream! She wants to be an arts teacher and to do it she needs to have some graduate work…but she has two kids under the age of three! How is she going to do it? We will talk to Julie and her husband Jordan to find out how they communicate, work together and support each other to help make this very difficult time a little bit easier. What I learned the most from Julie was that sacrifices have to happen sometimes in order to get where you want.

During the podcast you will hear Julie talk about her type-A personality and how everything must be neat and tidy in order for her to feel comfortable. She would head up to her office to do her nightly school work and would pass by the dirty dishes from dinner. She had a decision to make…wash the dishes and be up way too late to complete her homework or get the work done as soon as possible so she could be a present and patient wife and mother to her two kids. The decision is a tough one but I think that many parents go through this not only when they try to go back to school, but when they are at home during their everyday lives.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and learn as much as I did from this wonderful couple. Life together with your partner is all about supporting each other’s life goals. Through that support your marriage will grow stronger and the love and respect you share for each other will be on display for your little ones to see and emulate. What type of goals do you want to accomplish?

Cory Warren
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