Marriage is hard. At least it can be. With all the drama surrounded around marriage these days and who can get married and who can’t, etc., we are forgetting how hard it is. Sadly, the proof is out there on just how hard it is. Apparently in a Google search I just did while typing this post, I found out that the current divorce rate in the United Stats is at 50%. That is one in every two marriages ending in divorce folks! So why is this happening?

While we will not get to the bottom of exactly why the divorce rate is so high, I have my own opinions. I believe we are not communicating in a way that is beneficial for ourselves and our partners. Enter the conscious couple…Michael and Kristin Mataluni. I have known Michael for a while and he and his wife are wonderful people. After working a 9-5 job, Michael was able to leave his job and is now a successful entrepreneur. Kristin is an accomplished author and passionate mom who now works with Michael on a daily basis. Their marriage is not perfect, but neither is life.

Mike & Kristin

Even though they are not perfect, (none of them are) there are some things that do quite well! Their communication skills with each other after 14 years of marriage are rockin! They get each other. They understand when the other one needs a moment to themselves and they try to keep their intense emotions under control and consistently treat each other with respect. This is called consciousness and we all have the capacity for it. To be able to take a step outside of yourself and truly evaluate your own feelings and thoughts will make you a Jedi in your relationship. You see a Jedi maintains the peace. A Jedi is highly skilled in various mental disciplines. I use this Star Wars reference to help my point hit home in the sense that you will be able to do something that most relationships can’t…use your special powers from within to be truly in touch with yourself and those around you. Be a Jedi in your marriage my friends! Enjoy the show!

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