The Coolest Gym Teacher In The World - Jared Paschall

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

If you haven’t heard of today’s guest, then you probably do not have access to a television or the internet. Jared Paschall is the coolest gym teacher in the world and has been for the past few months, ever since his viral YouTube video blew up back in September. As you may know, Jared worked hard to come up with a way to help the kids of Harvest Elementary in Alabama feel included and hip, while at the same time encouraging them to participate in physical fitness. What has resulted has been a wonderful story that has unfolded nationwide to raise awareness for one of our country’s largest issues…childhood obesity. In my talk with Jared, we discuss how he came up with the idea, what physical fitness means to him and how he has handled being an overnight internet sensation.

Items Mentioned In The Podcast:

  1. Today’s show is brought to you by Smart Fitness in Central Florida.
  2. Jared is a proud teacher at Harvest Elementary School in Alabama.
  3. His wife actually helped him come up with the dance modifications in a hotel room while on vacation.
  4. He and the entire class hope to be on Ellen soon. Let’s help him get there! Let Ellen know that you would like to see the class on her show by tweeting the show at @TheEllenShow
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