What You Will Learn This Episode:  Nikocado Avocado is a fruitarian with an awesome YouTube Channel. He and his boyfriend, Orlin, help to educate folks on the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in their diet through their YouTube videos. Their personalities and positivity over the subject are infectious. This interview is packed with plant-based resources for you and your busy family. Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Nikocado Avocado’s YouTube Page – HERE
  2. Nikocado on Facebook – HERE
  3. Nikocado on Inagram – HERE
  4. Freely The Banana Girl – HERE
  5. SuperFit Gym in West Palm Beach – HERE
  6. Monoform is when you eat one fruit (like bananas) for an entire meal. Nikocado usually eats ten in one sitting!
  7. Full Raw Kristina gives great recipes for fully raw food. Check her out HERE. 
  8. Brendan Brazier has a wonderful book out called Thrive, that was one of the turning points for Nikocado. – HERE
  9. Nikocado described his diet at mostly an 80-10-10 diet. That would be 80% carbs, 10% protein and 10% fats. To learn more about this way of eating and what it is from my friend Kevin Cosmo, click HERE.
  10. The Real Vegans of Avocado County (Nikocado’s series on YouTube) – HERE
  11. Please consider supporting Nikocado Avocado on his Patreon account – HERE


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