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Today we are talking to Frances Titus. Frances is the founder of Earth’s Love Tea and what she has created is going to revolutionize the way new mom’s breastfeed their babies. As you may or may not know…when you are a new mom, breastfeeding is encouraged by pretty much everyone around you. Now, I am not going to get into which is better…breast or bottle…that’s your opinion. I am however going to tell you that if you or someone you know wants to try to breastfeed and is looking to make their lives a little easier, they are going to love this show. You all know that there are certain teas out there that are supposed to encourage milk production post pregnancy for new moms. They are usually hot teas that you have to prepare and drink pretty frequently, which can be hard when you have a newborn baby. Frances has come up with an instant tea that is not only healthy, but is super simple. The tagline for her company is tear, pair and you’re ready to go!


Items Mentioned In The Podcast:

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