I am a native “Miamian,” Florida native, born and raised. When I heard that my hometown was having a plant based food and wine festival, I knew I had to go! The festival is perfect for families, but I think I am going to start it with a special date with my husband and then bring my kids later for the family-friendly events. Here are my top three reasons for going:

Reason #1: Working Out With The Greats

Starting off the day with a morning jog and yoga is fun, but starting it surrounded by the greats in the plant-based world, simply makes the experience special! Ultra Man, Rich Roll, and Bad Ass Vegan, John Lewis, (among others) will run along side during the 5k. Yogi masters Amy Dannheim, Meghan Elizabeth and Corbin Stacy lead the yoga lesson that follows. There’s something for the runners and there’s something for the yogis. It’s taking a master class in fitness and being surrounded by like-minded individuals, and who better to learn from then these greats in the industry!

Reson #2: The Ultimate Date Day

After the 5k, yoga, and meditation, the festival opens and it includes plant based tastings, including beer and wine, cruelty-free beauty bar, apparel, and much more. My husband and I are leaving our kids with my parents, and enjoying a day (8 a.m.-6 p.m.) where we do and eat what we love…together. I’m excited about relaxing after the morning workout, eating plant-based food and learning more about sustainable living. I look forward to sitting with a glass of wine, listening to music and simply chatting about the stuff we’ll learn.

Reason #3: Family Time

On Sunday, November 22 there is a family-friendly event called Sprout Kids Day. This event teaches the kids gardening, yoga, and making their own pizza. I have the opposite of a green thumb, so maybe my kids can learn and grow some plants! I plan on taking my parents and the family to this event so we can participate with all the fun kids events.

The Seed Festival kicks off Wednesday, November 18 and runs until Sunday, November 22. My family is partaking in the events on Saturday and Sunday. If I still lived in Miami, I’d definitely want to go to the first annual Plant-based Burger Battle happening Thursday, November 19, 2015. Check out their website at https://seedfoodandwine.com/festival/ for more information regarding all the events! Hope to see you there!

Here is a look at a recap video from last year to help get you super excited: