What You Will Learn This Episode:

Jaimie Roberts is awesome. Not only is she a mom with two boys, but she also runs a fitness studio in Central Florida called Power Dance and Fitness. The studio focuses on choreographed, high-energy dance that keeps your brain stimulated and your body in great shape. Her following is loyal and her fans are raving. If you are a busy mom in Central Florida who is looking to switch up her routine when it comes to “working out,” you have got to check out Power Dance and Fitness in Winter Garden.

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Jaimie is a certified personal trainer and IronMom of two boys
  2. As a professional performer in addition to her career as a fitness instructor, Jaimie often sings while working out to keep her “performer fitness” up to par so she is not winded while dancing and singing on stage
  3. Make sure to visit PDF online HERE
  4. Check out PDF’s Facebook page HERE
  5. Jaimie’s studio is one of the only studios in Central Florida that is certified to teach the POUND class! Not sure what it is? Check this video out, which features the creators of POUND:


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