Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

-20 women, 80 men. That’s the United States Senate.

-The House of Representatives has 88 women, 347 men.

-There are 42 female ambassadors to the United Nations. 151 men.

-Of the 195 sovereign states recognized by the U.N., only 22 are led by a woman.

At the current rate of progress the U.S. Congress won’t be gender balanced until the year 2121 and if you factor in state and local governments, women won’t be fairly represented in elected office for almost five hundred years.

-Of all the characters who spoke at least one word in the 100 top movies from last year, only 28% were women. So women were two and a half times more likely to have nothing to say and three times more likely to have nothing to wear.

-26% of all female characters in the top movies appeared fully or partially nude. Only 9% of the guys. This might have something to do with the fact that, of the people working behind the scenes, only 19% of the producers were women, 11% of the writers, and 2% of the directors.

-Only 2.8% of preschool and kindergarten teachers in the U.S. are men. Less than 5% of nannies are men and less than 4% of stay at home parents are men who say they do it because they want to.


Jake Minton: Men & Children - The Final Frontier For Feminism

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

You know from the second you hit play on Jake Minton’s YouTube video from his TedX SMU talk that you are going to get something good. The story on how he got to that speech is awesome. We talked about it. More than the talk on how he got to the Tedx stage is how he lives his life everyday. How he challenges young children in the most crucial times in their lives to think “outside the box.” In a world where the facts show that men still dominate women in several aspects of life, Jake offers a fresh perspective for all to consider. By using space travel as a platform, Jake expands on some of the staggering historical facts that outline a few struggles for women, but also offers a solution on how we can make it better. So what is your role as a feminist? Why does the word have such a negative connotation to it? The original meaning behind the word’s creator was meant to create inclusivity and equality. What if we got back to the root of why the word was created and we all took responsibility for being mindful of feminism? We might just change the world! Enjoy the show!

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