Hi everyone. A little different tone today. My son is adopted and happens to be black. With everything going on in the world right now, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share a few thoughts. I have chosen to do so in a poem of sorts. I know the structure might be not exactly correct, but it is from the heart. Hope you like it. Here it goes:

Love is black and white to me

For with my love there is no color, you see

Love is blind to color and skin

Not worried about if you will ever fit in

Because you are you and that is amazing

Success and happiness you’ll be blazing

With us you were always meant to be

Together to chill just you and me

My little man you will always be my guy

I’ll be right here, always standing by

Because even though we don’t share DNA

Our love will always be here to stay

Should some day you want to know more

I will always have an open door

But until I die you will know for sure

That I am your dad forever more!

Cory Warren
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