What do you get when you ask a room full of second graders about swapping out Santa’s milk? Hilarity, that’s what! But in a lot of ways, asking kids their opinion gives you a whole lot of truth. Unabashed truth. So, with one of Real IronDAD’s favorite sponsors in mind, Noble Juice, we asked three local 2nd grade classes one simple question: “What would happen if you gave Santa Tangerine Juice INSTEAD of milk?” We asked them to draw their answers and it turns out these kids are pretty smart! Check this out:

As you can see, apparently when you drink Noble’s Tangerine Juice, you get a tan and a six-pack of abs. Sign me up!

More of the pictures are below, but before we show you, we have to comment on how amazing it was that these kids already instinctively knew that the tangerine juice would do more good for his body than milk. Were these kids’ parents sharing the fact that eating fruits was healthy or was it something that these children inherently knew? Either way, everyone loves a good before and after photo as proof, so here is one before photo that shows a slow, sluggish, overweight Santa:

In this picture, the young artist shares that Santa might think he is cool, but he is really getting out of shape and wants to get his head “back in the game.”

As you can see, after he drank (or in this case thought about) Noble Tangerine Juice, he “got in shape.” 

Or perhaps it is a weight loss thing as this one artist very bluntly put it:

But one of our favorite posts came from this young artist, who simply described for his drawing that milk is “good for your bones, but not for you health.” Check it out:

Maybe it was the dairy industry’s clever commercials that influenced his or her parents about how milk was a great source of calcium. But is it really? Check out this quote from our friends at Forks Over Knives regarding your calcium intake:

Basically, as long as you are eating enough whole foods, you should never have to worry about your calcium intake. Click HERE to learn more about where the above quote came from and to go more in-depth on how much calcium you actually need in any given day.

You see, we went in and investigated what these children instinctively knew. The kids said that our jolly friend, Mr. Claus, would probably lose some of that belly, and we think that’s true! There is no fat in a glass of Noble’s Tangerine juice, compared to the eight to nine grams of fat in one serving of whole milk. They also said he wouldn’t get sick. Maybe Santa’s immune system would get a special boost from Noble’s 100% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C in each bottle of tangerine juice. And though it does have more sugar than it’s milk counterpart, these are natural sugars from fruit, not processed sugar that is added in post-production. The juice is not from concentrate….which means you are getting your juice straight from the source…a juicy, organic, local tangerine from Florida. As for calcium…no worries there. Tangerines are one of the top 17 fruits that provide a good amount of calcium, weighing in at a whopping 72mg per 8oz. cup. Drink a cut or two with your favorite calcium-rich, whole food breakfast and you will be set to go for the day! With all these great benefits, Noble juice will give Santa the boost he needs to get through Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

This year, we will be giving jolly old St. Nicolas Tangerine juice! As you can see from the kids’ pictures, apparently Santa won’t be so weighed down. Even his reindeer will have an easier time taking him around the globe in his sleigh! We think this slight change will be a great thing. After all, Santa is someone the kids look up to. If HE’S making his health a priority, so will they! Have a fresh Christmas everyone!

*Noble has compensated Real IronDAD to talk about their organic tangerine juice. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.

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