There are lots of plant-based proteins out there, but only a few that are IronDAD™ approved! We love the Vega brand of protein powder. They also have hands down the best protein bar we have ever tried. Each of our family loves the protein shakes. Here is how we use them.

  • Mommy – When she is on the go, IronMOM likes to make a smoothie as a meal replacement. Her car is often times left smelling like a vanilla smoothie due to the fact that she leaves her empty smoothie cups in the car.
  • Daddy – After a tough workout, IronDAD™ drinks a protein smoothie within 20 minutes of his workout to ensure that his muscles get all of the muscle-building amino acids and greens that will help to repair his body!
  • Baby Brother – He is a smoothie machine. Our five-year-old IronKid would eat a smoothie for every single meal of the day if we let him. He loves to drink them as fast as possible and shows his muscles frequently after each cup!
  • Big Sister – This seven-year-old is a dancing machine! After a long day full of dance and using all of her muscles, this little girl works hard to replenish her body with the proper nutrition. In addition to her dinner, big sister has a protein smoothie. She prefers to mix vanilla and chocolate to make a wonderful “swirl” smoothie!


However you drink your smoothie, make sure that you make your smoothie work for you. Drinking protein shakes instead of your meals all the time is not recommended, but every now and then you should feel awesome…especially after a tough workout. We use half scoops for our kids because their little bodies don’t need as much protein as adults! Want to see just how much protein your body needs? Check out this chart in pinterest to find out how much plant-powered protein your body needs!

*Vega has compensated Real IronDAD™ by sending complimentary products for this post. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.


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