What You Will Learn This Episode: 

Matt Frazier is a No Meat Athlete. His widely popular website that bears the same name has helped thousands of people of all fitness levels to achieve their goals in running marathons and eating a healthy, plant-based diet. He has several books and publications on how to train and get started on a healthy path in addition to his podcast on iTunes called…you guessed it…No Meat Athlete Radio. In this episode, Matt shares some awesome behind-the-scenes insight like why he became vegan, how he balances his busy life with his family while training and of course….his go-to meal on a busy night with the family!

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  • Matt’s journey to beginning a plant-based diet started after he decided in college that he was going to run a marathon and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon
  • After missing his qualifying time by one hundred and three minutes, he became obsessed with finding a way to qualify for the Boston Marathon
  • It took him seven years to reach his goal, but around five years in, he learned a lot about nutrition and about eating animals and decided to make a drastic change to his diet. He had no idea how much it would help him.
  • Just six months after beginning a vegetarian diet, he took the final few minutes he needed off of his time to qualify for the race.
  • Matt had a great podcast with Garth Davis about where vegans get their protein. Check it out HERE.
  • Matt suggested when you are just starting off with a vegan diet to go at your own pace. Some people might be able to go 100% right away, but there is no “right way” to do it. Take steps and do it gradually. Learn in phases on how to order at a restaurant, how to cook for your family, how to cook for your friends and be ready for social situations.
  • Matt suggested to stay vegan as long as you can each morning. The simplest way to do that is to start with a smoothie. Just some blended fruit and you are set!
  • Don’t worry about being perfect! If you get off track, just get back on. Remember your gradual steps and take it slow!
  • Dr. Michael Greger is an amazing resource. He runs NutritionFacts.org. Matt’s podcast with Dr. Greger that he mentions in the podcast is HERE.
  • Matt makes soy-based products every now and then, but not every night of the week.
  • It is important to have a go-to food that you can eat when you are in a bind. If you find a meal like this that you love, write it down so you always have it.
  • Matt’s go-to foods for busy times are tofu wraps with veggies and a cashew ranch dressing. He also does a tempeh taco recipe from Rip Esselstyn. HERE is the recipe Matt referenced.
  • Rethink about how you eat. You don’t always have to have a “meal.” You can absolutely set yourself up for success by having a hearty snack every few hours and no worry so much about the full three meals a day. For instance a smoothie in the morning, a big salad for lunch and a dinner of a series of snacks would be fine! Every now and then of course…not all the time.
  • Matt does his training during the afternoon after working. During the afternoon “lull,” he gets out and moves!
  • You can follow Matt Frazier online at his No Meat Athlete website or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by clicking on the respective links.
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