My son has a healthy obsession just like any other kid…but his happens to be super suave! He likes to dress up. In fact, he does it all the time. He and his sister take competitive dance classes and he has acquired several dress outfits from past friends’ recitals and shows. His closet is full of them. When it comes to his love of bowties, dress pants, and classy sweaters and jackets, we give him the freedom to choose whatever clothes he wants…and he rocks it out!

In our first installment of the “In Style” series, we showed Roger buying his favorite juice, Noble Juice, at our local grocery store. He was Shoppin’ In Style to pick up a few of his favorite healthy items. The first video was so well received, that we shot a second one aptly named, “Sippin’ In Style.” We asked Roger to share his love of Noble juice with two of his best gal pals.  Let’s just say our suave sipper did not disappoint! So here it is! “Sippin’ In Style” with Rog and his girls:

More Than Just Tangerines

Noble Juice’s classic tangerine juice is our favorite, but there are nearly two dozen other flavors! Some of the additional flavors of yummy juice include:

  • Tangerine Guava Mango Juice
  • Tangerine Clementine Juice
  • Super Red Grapefruit Juice
  • Honeybell Blueberry Juice
  • Apple Mandarin Chai Juice
  • Blood Orange Juice
  • Organic Beet & Berries with Chai Seed Juice
  • Organic Orange Mango Carrot With Ginseng Juice
  • Organic Mint Lemonade With Aloe
  • Organic Apple Vanilla Greens with Flaxseed Juice
  • Organic Chai Berry Blast Juice
  • Organic Cool Aloe Lemonade
  • Organic Ginseng Mango Supreme Juice

Why We Love It

We have been buying Noble Juice for a while now and we consistently give it to our kids with their breakfast or a snack. With no added sugar, it’s really nice to be able to just pour the juice in the cup without watering it down like we have to do with most other brands. Tangerines are less acid than their orange counterparts, so it makes it easier on those little tummies of ours! Finally, a local juice that is organic and family-owned for decades is definitely a product we can stand behind.

Where You Can Buy It

You can pick up Noble Juice at your local Publix or Whole Foods and they are usually on sale. Keep an eye out on your grocer’s weekly sales circulars to get a great deal on some Noble Juice today!

*Noble Juice has partnered with Lean Green DAD to talk about their amazing organic tangerine juice. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.
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