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Geoffrey Palmer is a vegan bodybuilder. Sometimes those two words (vegan and bodybuilder) don’t seem like they go together since most of America thinks we get our protein from meat. Geoff has been doing this for 31 years and was vegan before it was “cool” to be vegan. With a degree in biopsychology and a passion for fitness, Geoff has created and trademarked some of the best muscle-promoting products on the market. He is the CEO and Founder of the Clean Machine line of products. The great thing about all of his products is that they are made from plants and make your body more efficient at digesting and using protein. Imagine having to drink less protein, but making it more efficient with essential digestive enzymes your body needs to do the work that it needs to do in order to optimize your nutrition! I learned more talking to Geoff than I have learned in quite a while on protein, how it works in the body and how to most effectively promote the growth of strong muscle tissue. Enjoy!

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Geoffrey Palmer is the is the CEO and Founder of the Clean Machine line of supplements. He is a 31-year vegan and has over 25 years of experience in working in the supplement industry. He has worked with Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, 24 Hour Fitness and many more.
  2. The Clean Machine line of products include the Clean BCAA Powder, Cell Block 80, and The Ahiflower Oil.
  3. Geoff became vegan after experiencing a healthy energy, attitude and lifestyle after turning to a plant-based diet. He was fascinated by the science behind it all and has a degree in biopsychology.
  4. Geoff found that certain chemicals in our food supply were found to be blocking happiness (serotonin). He references Dr. Greger’s study on happiness. A lot of the serotonin is created in the gut and bile is created in the gut, which can create a negative probiotic effect and take over the gut with bad gut flora.
  5. Whether it’s science, compassion, personal health or the planet, there are so many reasons to adopt a plant-based diet. All of the reasons are good.
  6. Visit Clean Machine on the web at https://cleanmachineonline.com/ of on Facebook or Twitter.
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