What You Will Learn In This Episode:

Adam Sud (pronounced like a soap sud) is addicted to a plant-based lifestyle. This is the first time he has actually been proud to associate himself with addiction. Back in 2013, Adam was addicted to fast food and Adderall, a drug that is often prescribed for those dealing with ADHD in their lives. Adam describes the drug as a molecule away from meth, which is pretty scary. Back then, Adam looked at himself in the mirror and decided that he was “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and switched to a plant-based lifestyle. The plant-based food that he ate worked hand in hand with his recovery and rehabilitation. Today, Adam works with other individuals who might be dealing with addiction in their life and helps them to not only recover but to prevent relapse by incorporating a plant-based diet into their recovery plan.

Items Mentioned During The Podcast:

  1. Adam is a Lifestyle Coach that lives in California. Check out his website HERE.
  2. Peter Shankman has a new podcast, on how to make ADHD a super power. Check it out HERE. 
  3. To treat everyone the same way is a lazy approach to treatment. Find the root cause of your problem and attack that rather than just putting a band-aid on the symptom.
  4. Adam is currently on no prescription medications.
  5. It is very difficult to not blame the universe or anyone else for your problems. Adam states that recovery starts when you accept responsibility for your problems/illness/disease and take a step towards fixing it.
  6. Adam wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning and then goes for a walk. He then comes back and eats a HUGE salad. Beets, corn, green onions, peppers, chia seeds, garbanzo beans, black beans, red beans, dried cranberries, raisins and some shaved coconuts. The salad weighs around 2 lbs. and he eats it for lunch and dinner. In between, Adam eats tons of fruit and Brussel sprouts with Engine 2 Brand marinara on top.
  7. Tolerant Foods has a wonderful bean pasta.
  8. Adam will be running the NYC Marathon in November 2016!
  9. Jim Morris was an amazing vegan bodybuilder. He will be missed.
  10. Nikocado Avocado was a past guest on the show and a great person.
  11. Rip Esselstyn and Engine 2 are great resources for anyone looking to incorporate a plant-based diet. He has a few books, including Plant Strong!
  12. Follow Adam on Instagram. 
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