What You Will Learn This Episode:

Jeff Morgan is the host of Guilt Free TV on YouTube. His widely popular channel is seen all across the world and includes in-depth discussions with some of the world’s leading experts in plant-based nutrition. Jeff is a fit dad that takes pride in working out and eating right with his kids. Above all of that, Jeff is a caring individual who knows what it means to go the extra mile for his family. I had a wonderful time talking with him and know you will have an equally wonderful time listening to what he has to say. This episode is a must-listen for any busy parent who needs some extra motivation to live a healthier lifestyle!

Items Mentioned In This Podcast: 

  1. Jeff is the host of the very popular YouTube Channel “Guilt Free TV with Jeff Morgan.”
  2. During our podcast, Jeff mentioned the video that changed his life and inspired him to go vegan. He had a hard time watching most of the animal cruelty videos, but THIS video by Dr. Michael Greger really resonated with him. It is called “Uprooting The Leading Causes Of Death.”
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