A Proud Father Shares His Positive Adoption Experience

What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

Cory and his family’s adoption experience has been a life-changing journey of self-discovery and reflection. It was one of the best decisions Cory and Jenn have ever made as a married couple. With lots of research and fact checking prior to choosing which type of adoption to pursue, Cory shares his experience in hopes to inspire others who might be thinking about pursuing an adoption. In this episode, Cory walks you through different types of adoption, some tips on how to help you with funding and shares his own personal experience on adopting his son.

International – Outside of the United States

  1. Potentially lots of travel involved
  2. Fairly expensive
  3. Can be a bit more risky with your financial investment for several reasons
  4. Not a ton of interaction with your child, but see them via mail/email and when you visit the country
  5. Often no mother history or interaction after the adoption

Domestic/State System – Also known as the foster care system

  1. Goal is to reunite child with biological parent
  2. Child could have a rough background…abuse, drugs, other things
  3. You should have a home that is ready to take on a challenge if need be
  4. You could potentially know quite a bit of information about the mother
  5. In some states college tuition is covered

Domestic/Private Adoption – through an adoption agency

  1. Mother could be local, in your own city even
  2. Open, semi-open and closed options available with your birth mother
  3. Still spend money, but potentially less depending on expenses you are willing to pay
  4. Must be okay with marketing yourself (making a picture book, etc.) to birth mothers


Here is a link to a poem I wrote about my son that you might enjoy. It is called “Love Is Black And White To Me.”

For resources on adoption including myths and latest news – www.nationaladoptionday.org

All music (except intro and outro) performed by SOSstudio – www.SOSstudio.co


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