I like to think of myself as a moderately fashionable dad. Better than the average dad, but nothing special. My wife will tell you she’s the same…except the dad part. One thing is for sure. Neither of us like to shop for clothing. My seven-year-old daughter, however, is a fashionista! It has always been a head-scratcher for my wife and I on how Izzy got the “shopping and fashion bug,” but the girl loves to look good and express herself through the bright, colorful and pattern-rich clothes that she wears on a daily basis and I think that is awesome! When I heard about Kidpik and how convenient, affordable, personalized and exciting it was, I had to give it a try for her.

With her birthday coming up and her love of clothing firmly cemented, I started my Kidpik journey as a dad who knew nothing about shopping for little girls. I was going to wow my wife for sure! My own personal stylist putting together outfits for my daughter that fit her personality perfectly? I was going to be a hero! After a few very short questions about my little girl that any dad or mom should be able to easily answer, the Kidpik algorithm was all set for my daughter and her first box would arrive soon, just in time for her birthday. I mentioned it already, but the process was super easy. All we had to do was describe my girl’s style, receive her personalized box, send back what we didn’t want free of change and that’s it!


What’s In The Box?

Each box comes with approximately 5-7 high-quality items that can include any range of things. Our box included a great pair of shorts, a skirt, jeans with cool iron-on patches, multiple tops, a headband and even a new pair of shoes! Since I let them know my girl’s body type, style profile, and a few other things, the designers that picked her box were able to pick items that fit her perfectly, but that’s not a surprise coming from Founder, Ezra Dabah!

Ezra is a prolific NYC designer behind a ton of great children’s brands, including The Children’s Place. You can trust in Ezra and his team’s over forty years of experience at providing high-quality clothing at value pricing…especially for children!

What Did She Think?

My daughter loved it and at an average cost of around $12.50 per item for a total box cost of around $75, it was something that I could definitely afford to do for her. Having confidence in the way she looks as a young woman is something very special and I want my little girl to have as much confidence as possible. Kidpik has encouraged her to embrace her own unique style and she wears it proudly! Check out this video of her opening and modeling all of the items from her special box:

So How Much Is All Of This Going To Cost Me?

Good question! The website is very transparent about all charges and customizations in relation to your box frequency. It’s really up to you how much you spend, but with each item so reasonably priced, it really is quite low compared to other clothing box companies out there. The entire box itself will always cost between $70-100 should you decide to keep everything in it. There are no subscription fees, styling fees, or shipping fees and you can send back whatever you don’t want free of charge. There is no commitment of any kind and you can choose to have one box as a trial box, four boxes per year or eight boxes per year based on how many super cool clothes you want for your little princess. The service is for girls ages 4-14 and takes around four weeks from the time your order to receive it. Remember, there are no shipping fees or styling fees or any other type of weird fees! Yes, it’s really that great. For the answers to any more questions you might have, feel free to visit their FAQ section by clicking HERE or check them out on their Kidpik website or on Facebook! Happy shopping…or…clicking, Dad!

*Kidpik has compensated Lean Green DAD to talk about their awesome clothing boxes for kids. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.

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