Incorporating a vegan or mostly plant-based diet can be difficult for anyone, especially vampires. The task of getting over the social and emotional attachments that many have to food can be daunting when starting a vegan diet and no one understands that more than Phyto the vampire. We had a chance to catch up with Phyto, who sat down with my daughter and I as we asked for quick questions about his love for Noble Juice’s Blood Orange Juice! My daughter and I were a bit skeptical about this juice and wanted to know more, so we talked with him about it. Here’s what he said:

Q: How did you learn about the blood orange?

A: I vas vulking around my local Whole Foods Market in the juice section. I often feel thirsty…ah ah ah…but many drinks dat I tend to gravitate towards are a bit thick and bland. I vas looking for something that had the perfect combination of tangy and sweet and that’s ven I discovered Noble Juice’s Blood Orange Juice!…ah ah ah!

Q: Did the word blood throw you off when you saw it on the label?

A: Actually, that vord made me so happy! It vas refreshing to hear that finally a drink vas on the market that vas thinking of me! I felt like the marketing vas there but even better vas the taste. I used to have to turn into a bat and fly all the vay to Italy to get these amazing oranges, but now I can simply stop by my local supermarket to grab a 32oz. bottle of this vonderful drink.

About The Blood Orange

Phyto was right. The dark flesh of the Blood Orange offers an amazing taste profile thanks to its raspberry-like tones in addition to the fresh citrus taste from its orange counterparts. The exterior of the blood orange is a bit harder to peel than normal oranges. Its dark flesh comes from anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant that causes the darker pigment, thereby making it much higher in antioxidants than any other orange on the planet.

Where Do Blood Oranges Come From:

The Blood Orange hails from the fertile soils of Mt. Etna in Italy, where it develops in low temperatures during the night. The oranges used for Noble’s Juice are Tarocco oranges, which are native to Italy and are the most popular oranges in the world due to their sweetness and juiciness. This seedless fruit is the highest in vitamin C ,with just one of them achieving 100% of your daily value of vitamin C. How many oranges are in Noble’s Juice? There are eight blood oranges in just one 32oz. bottle of Noble’s Blood Orange Juice.

Q: Phyto, would it be safe to say that you are health conscious?

A: As a vampire, I must be nimble and quick. I have lots of vonderful powers, but one of the things that slows me down most is processed sugar. That’s vhy I trust the good folks at Noble. There is no added sugar, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and no added vitamins or flavors. Vhen I fly by the store to grab a bottle of Noble Blood Orange Juice, that is exactly vhat I am getting…and I like that.

Q: How does it taste?

A: Vhen I transitioned from a traditional Vestern Transalvanian diet to a vegan vampire diet, I vas most vorried about the taste. To my surprise I found that in addition to the great citrus taste, blood oranges contain a berry taste that give them a distinct flavor unlike any other oranges. They are typically less bitter and acidic than typical oranges, vith a delicious tart and tangy taste! Ah ah ah!

Where Can You Buy Yours?

Click here to find a retailer near you where you can grab a bottle of Noble’s Blood Orange Juice. You can also follow them on Facebook HERE. It’s the perfect for a grab and go juice or as the base for a yummy, fruity, healthy drink!

*Noble has compensated Lean Green DAD to talk about their Blood Orange Juice. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.

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