I have a confession to make. I love to clean. Yes, I am a dad and I have lots of kids, which almost guarantees that keeping the house clean is a monumental task, but still…I love it. One of my high school friends to this day still calls me Danny Tanner (Full House reference) and I take it as a compliment. That dude was a clean guy!

When I am stressed out, I clean. When someone is coming over and I know it in advance, I clean. We have one day at our house that is dedicated to cleaning for several hours…Sundays. Everyone in our house knows it and the only person who doesn’t clean is our baby. As you can imagine, when my friends at Shark sent me their new Shark® Rocket® Powerhead Vacuum , I was very excited.

Prior to my Shark experience, I was a loyal Dyson customer. It was a big, yellow, $400 model that we received as a gift for our wedding. Since we are getting ready to celebrate our ten year anniversary, I can gladly say that the Dyson did some great work for us. It really sucked when I needed it to…in a good way. Sadly, in year ten, Dyson broke their promise to me and the vacuum lost suction. I called to try and get it replaced and talk through it, but the model was so far out of warranty that there was nothing to be done. So I turned to the competition.

Upon visiting the Shark website, I found that they are going head to head with Dyson. In fact, they have a side-by-side comparison about their power. Believe it or not, they are right there as solid competition. Check out their website. The best thing about the Shark vacuums, especially the Shark® Rocket® Powerhead Vacuum, is that they are so light! The comparable model with Dyson weighs in at 17.6lbs. and the Shark® Rocket® Powerhead weighs in at a super light 9lbs! Just 1lb. of pushing weight when in your hand! That means that my little cleaners (aka the kids) can actually push the vacuum by themselves. The adjustable handle/wand makes it easy for the kids to use it and I am telling you that pushing this thing is a piece of cake! Other important things to note compared to the Dyson are that the Shark model’s LED light and price. I know what you’re thinking: “A light on a vacuum?” Trust me, it goes a long way when you are trying to clean a tile floor and you need to see underneath the kitchen table. Actually, the LED light just might be my favorite feature.


I mentioned the price earlier. This model is actually under $200, so the price is definitely right for a model with this much power. I have never had a better all-around vacuum experience folks and trust me, I do a lot of vacuuming. I like a clean house. This vacuum has easy-to-use fingertip controls, wonderful maneuverability, an optional interchangeable roller if you want to get serious about your hard floors and an easy pop-up dust cup for quick and easy disposal of household debris. Did I mention that if you buy directly from Shark there is a free lifetime warranty and free shipping. I love a brand that stands behind their product. If you are in the market for a vacuum my friends, go grab this one. It is really that great!

*Shark has compensated Lean Green DAD to talk about their vacuums. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.

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