What You Will Learn In This Episode:

Tiki Barber is a hero in the New York Giants football world. He is also a hero to his five (soon to be six) children. Yes, he was a three-time pro bowler and yes he was inducted into the New York Giants Ring of Honor, but now that he is retired after a huge 10-year career in the NFL, Tiki is spending his time focusing on what matters most…his family.

Items Mentioned In The Podcast:

  • Having two kids and six kids is mayhem. Try not to let the noise and the craziness consume you. If you can block it out and hear what’s vital, you can stay sane with the chaos.
  • Shifting from short sprints to long distance running was a major adjustment for Tiki. When lifting heavy weights, if you have proper technique, your mind can take over your body and your body can accomplish the movements. Transitioning to being a long distance runner is very tough because your body and mind have to be aligned.
  • Learn to pace yourself and not be urgent when training for long distance running.
  • Tiki does Bikram Yoga for the basic poses to help promote a healing environment for his body.
  • Early on in Tiki’s career it was all about calories and eating as much as he possibly could, but after a high cholesterol reading, he changed the way he ate. While eating more salads, fruits and vegetables, Tiki was able to keep his numbers low and his strength high.
  • Tiki mentioned that after you retire from the NFL, you want to keep your diet the same, but you can’t because you are not doing as much exercise and your body does not need that much fuel.
  • After some research, Tiki found that a diet high in fiber and complex carbohydrates will keep the sugars low. He changed his snacks and in just two weeks he felt like a different person. He felt energized and focused.
  • “It really does matter what you put in your body, because that’s what fuels you. If it’s bad fuel, it may be ok but you are going to eventually feel it in a negative way.” -Tiki
  • Planning and writing a schedule for what you will eat will help you live a healthier life. You have to plan or else it can be very difficult to fuel yourself without cheating.
  • Tiki loves french fries.
  • The most important lesson Tiki wants to instill in his kids is to “never quit.” He mentioned that when you quit, you fail and if you keep going and continue to try, you actually never fail. Never stop trying. If you fall down, get up and try again.
  • Tiki loves KultureCity. KultureCity is an award-winning non-profit organization whose mission is to create awareness and acceptance for children and families living with autism. For more information on them and how you can help, please visit HERE. Lean Green DAD is also a proud supporter and partner of KC! Organizations like KC help everyone see past a developmental disability to help unleash greatness.
  • Technology helps Tiki keep in touch with his family through Facetime and social media.
  • Tiki is the Co-Founder of Thuzio. Thuzio is a marketplace for talent, providing businesses and professionals with an all-access pass to celebrity and sports talent though database, booking and event services.
  • You can follow Tiki on Twitter @tikibarber and facebook.com/TikiBarber and also on LinkedIn HERE.
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