I’m sure by now you’ve heard the infamous “whole paycheck” nickname for Whole Foods Market and quite frankly, I just don’t buy it! First of all, quite literally, depending on how much income you make in a given week or month, the chances of you actually spending your entire paycheck at Whole Foods Market are pretty slim. I must admit I am a bit biased because I blog for them…and shop there for all of my weekly groceries…but I really want to take a look at this and debunk the myth that Whole Foods Market is pricier than every other grocery store…and if they are…then why?

Why Whole Foods Market Organic Produce Is Just Better

All produce is not created equal folks. You know there is conventional and organic and GMO and non-GMO, but I am talking about the care taken to stock them on the shelf each day. I have shopped at many grocery stores. I have shopped at bulk stores, quick convenience-style stores and the fanciest grocery stores in the land, but no one takes better care of their produce than Whole Foods Market. Nothing is worse than a massive box full of avocados that has been shipped from who knows where, dropped in the storage area in the back, and wheeled out on a forklift, only to be dropped again on the showroom floor. Produce can get pricey, so I want to make sure that when I get my produce home, it is not damaged, destroyed or brown from bruises. At Whole Foods, every produce person I have seen stocking the shelves does it with care. Either this is a strange coincidence, or Whole Foods trains their people the right way.


Whole Foods Tells You Where Your Produce Is From

Organic is one thing, but do you know where your organic fruit came from? Did it come from your state…maybe even your city? Each Whole Foods Market prides itself on identifying and using local farmers to source their produce. I will never understand why, living in Florida, we have organic oranges coming from California. But at Whole Foods, you actually get to see where your produce is from, right down to the city! I have even been to stores that have the names and pictures of the local farmers right next to the item!

Whole Foods Produce Is Cheaper Than Other Stores

Actually, it is about the same. Remember, we are comparing “apples to apples” here. In a two month comparison where I tracked three different stores, the organic produce prices remained identical across all three stores, not including sales or deals, of course. In looking at regular prices, many of the produce items like apples, grapes, blackberries and many other fruits and veggies all remained the same. Comparing “apples to apples” is important when doing price comparisons. Conventional fruits and veggies are often far less expensive than organic produce, so make sure you have your own family plan on what is most important to you (organic, local, non-GMO) and shop with your family’s ideals in mind.


Whole Foods Has The Largest Selection Of Fresh Organic Produce

There are lots of stores coming out with tons more organic options, but none of them have the variety of Whole Foods Market. Papayas, Apples, Aloe Leaf, Cucumbers, Pineapples, Pumpkin, Coconuts and so many other weird things I have never even heard of are available, and they’re organic. Often times there are dozens and dozens of organic items available. The exact number of organic items in the produce section is always listed on a big board hanging from the ceiling, so check it out!
 In the end, it’s your decision where you shop for your weekly groceries, but don’t let the over exaggerated phrase “whole paycheck” rob you of well taken care of, local, fresh and bountiful organic fruits and veggies!
 *Whole Foods has compensated Lean Green DAD as a professional blogger to cover several of there stores in Central Florida. The opinions expressed above are 100% the opinions of Lean Green DAD™. We are disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.
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