I am in the middle of a growth process. I haven’t talked about it very much on social media, and I have not taken pictures of myself with my shirt off…but they’re coming. I have been on a journey to gain some serious vegan muscle. So far, my results have been astounding. I have seen some serious muscle growth and I have several more weeks to go before I share the results with you. But first, I have to tell you about my bodyguard.

A weight/muscle gaining process can be extremely difficult, especially on a vegan diet. You have to increase your caloric intake and you have to make sure you don’t overtrain. Proper technique is essential for anyone lifting weights to ensure that you avoid injury. As a busy dad of three young kids, I knew I was out of my league. That’s why, when it came time for me to start this journey, I reached out to Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Geoff Palmer. Geoff is the mastermind behind Clean Machine, a company which produces a line of clean, vegan, food-sourced supplements that are aimed at increasing athletic performance. Clean Machine manufactures three incredible products right now, but the one I want to talk about today is called “Clean BCAA,” which I like to call, my “bodyguard.”

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BCAA stands for branch chain amino acids, and these guys are the ones who not only protect your body during a strenuous workout but also aid in protein synthesis to help you repair and build muscle after a tough workout. The combination of organic coconut water and electrolytes combine with the completely natural and food-sourced BCAAs to help provide a protective layer over the muscles when consumed at least one hour prior to the workout. They also help to repair muscles within a one-hour window after a workout.

How I Use Branch Chain Amino Acids To Protect My Muscles Pre-Workout

If I know I am going to be heading to the gym, I will grab 8-12 oz. of clean water and add a scoop of Clean Machine’s fruit punch flavored “Clean BCAA” powder. What does it taste like? Well, if you enjoy the taste of fruit punch, you will love this. It’s a mixture of cotton candy and Hi-C that makes me feel like I’m cheating. The secret to the sweetening is in the stevia extract…a plant-based sweetener that mixes with beet root powder to give the powder its red coloring. It’s awesome. With my “bodyguard” on duty, I head to the gym for my intense workout.

How I Use Branch Chain Amino Acids Post-Workout

After a workout, you come home and feel great. Tired but swollen…in a good way! (“Swoll!”) Your muscles look and feel great. It might even feel like you can’t stop flexing if you have done your workout right. This is the perfect time to get protein into your body. Perhaps you do a plant-based protein meal or you enjoy a protein smoothie. For me, I use a wonderful plant-based protein in my post-workout to help my muscles repair as soon as possible. The protein powder alone does a wonderful job, but adding “Clean BCAA” to my protein smoothie enables me to increase my protein synthesis by over 30%. Think of the BCAAs as a team of parking lot attendants that help direct traffic to park in the right place…except that they are directing the protein to the exact right place to heal and grow your muscles.

Now I know what you are thinking…do I really need a supplement to gain muscle? The answer to that is no, of course not. You can absolutely workout and eat a healthy, plant-based diet and do everything you need with food. But here’s the thing…this IS food! Right on the front of the label, it says “Food-Sourced BCAAs.” You are using concentrated amounts of foods to help your body grow, not a bunch of synthetic, fake ingredients that you can’t pronounce. The foods included in Clean Machine’s BCAAs are non-GMO corn, organic coconut water and sunflower seeds.

Who Is Geoff Palmer And Why Should I Trust Him?

Per the Clean Machine website: Geoff has over 25 years experience in the Natural Foods & Nutritional Supplements Industry with leading companies such as The Vitamin Shoppe, 24 Hour Fitness, BSN, MRI, Prolab, United Natural Foods, Inc., and Whole Foods. Mr. Palmer worked in the Natural Food Retail, Supplement Retail (Brick and Mortar, Internet and Catalog), Supplement Manufacturing, Gym & Fitness Retail and Natural Food Restaurant channels, holding the positions of Owner, President, COO, Director of Product Development, Sr. Buyer, Business Development Executive, Purchasing Manager, Sports Nutrition Category Manager, Brand Manager, and Retail Manager. Listen to our podcast with Clean Machine CEO, Geoff Palmer. 

In closing, if you are trying to gain muscle or have a husband or friend that is trying to put on some extra-strong muscle, incorporating these products into your training will help you get the most out of your gains, protect your muscles, and repair your muscles, so you can get back out there and pump some iron!

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