I know what you’re thinking! Why is a dad posting about “mom fashion?” Well, the good news is…I’m not! But, I definitely know the right person to talk about that subject. I have a dear friend, Charlotte, who has been super fashionable and gorgeous ever since I’ve known her. Did I mention she was also a professional runway model? We met back in college and funny enough starred in a college production of Damn Yankees together where I was Applegate and she was Lola. We were quite the comedic duo if I don’t say so myself! But, I digress.

When I learned that most of the readers of my blog in the last 30 or so days came from women, mainly moms, I thought I would do a post specifically for them! So this one’s for you! That busy mom, who can’t get a second to even go to the bathroom by herself. The hero mom who has put her own career on hold to take care of her kids. The mom who tries to make her pajama pants work for a trip to the grocery store. The mom who not only has to be a wife, but also chooses to sometimes be a cook, cleaner, confidant and role model. We love you moms! With that, here are a few great hacks from a former runway model who happens to be a momma just like you

Three Day Hair Rule.

No mom has time to fix their hair from scratch everyday. Instead, try what I call the three day hair rule. Day 1 – Wash, dry and style your hair. Go all out! Day 2 – Spray a little dry shampoo, brush, and go. Day 3 – This is your up-do day. Do a sleek ponytail or ballet bun and you’re good to go!

A Little Makeup Goes A Long Way.

This is by far my most important tip. Even if it’s just a quick blush, mascara, and lip gloss…anything will help you step up your mom game. If you look less tired, you will feel less tired. Under-eye concealer is my best friend. I usually get my makeup from my friend Natalia and her Younique line. Also, there are some wonderful vegan makeup lines out there.

*the above link to my friend Natalia’s website goes to her personal Younique page, for which she earns commission on any sales. Lean Green DAD is not an affiliate, but loves Natalia very much!

Wear Solid Colors.

Stripes and patterns are great every now and then, but it’s hard to go wrong with solid colors. Whenever I wear solids, it instantly seems like a more polished look.

Go Bold.

When it comes to accessories, you want to give it everything you’ve got. A statement necklace, oversized bag, or big cuff bracelet can easily take an outfit from boring to on point!

Get The Right Fit.

Just because the jeans zip up or don’t fall off does not mean that they fit properly. Make sure there are no bulges or sags in the wrong places. This is especially important in pants and shorts. How your clothes fit can make or break an outfit. Don’t be worried about the size number on the tag when you shop. Sizing is radically different from one brand to the next. Get what fits and look fab!

Charlotte is a former runway model and current mom to four crazy, fun, and awesome kids ages 10 and under and wife to an amazing husband. She is currently living and loving life in South Florida.

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