Dreamworks’ Home: Adventures With Tip and Oh is now on Netflix and Mark Whitten is the new voice of Oh! Although he is not the first to play the role (the original Oh was played by Jim Parsons in the feature film with Rihanna), Mark is taking over Netflix as the voice of the series that has now been made for television. Home: Adventures With Tip and Oh was released in late July of 2016 and is playing to rave reviews! Mark’s dynamic range and humor mixed with his passion for his craft shine through in his portrayal of this amazing character.

The series feels great from the second you press play, with its own custom theme song, lead by Mark’s co-star, Rachel Crow. Rachel is no stranger to the stage or the vocal scene. She absolutely destroyed the show “X Factor” with this audition and is a pretty awesome talent that we will hope to have on a future episode of this podcast!

But getting back to our good friend Mark! I have known Mark personally for several years from when he worked with my wife, Jenn, at Finding Nemo: The Musical at Walt Disney World. He has always been a kind, grounded, generous guy that I always respected. After this talk with him, my respect went through the roof! Did you know that Mark auditioned for this role back in 2014 and over a period of callbacks eventually landed it? Mark is the definition of passion and effort leading to success.

In this episode of Lean Green DAD Radio, we talk to Mark about his audition process, his big move to Los Angeles,  and how he feels the show helps teach valuable lessons to all kids. I can personally tell you that my kids absolutely love the show and it is one of those shows on Netflix that you don’t have to worry about letting your kids watch. There are silly things that happen during the show, but they all lead back to an overarching theme of family, togetherness, and acceptance…something the world definitely needs right now. I hope you enjoy the podcast. Please consider leaving us a review in iTunes by clicking HERE and have a wonderful week!


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