What You Will Learn In This Episode:

Sophia’s journey to a plant-based diet started when her husband had less than desirable test results on his bloodwork. Today she cooks for her three boys and husband on a daily basis, focusing on being as healthy and plant-based as possible, while not focusing on perfection. In our podcast we focus on her favorite recipes, her tips on how to get your kids to try new things and how her husband turned his health around!

Items Mentioned In The Podcast:

  • For Sophia, being a family meant working together. When her husband came to her and told her he wanted to make some changes to the way they ate to help him get healthier, she jumped in and changed the way the entire family ate…and it worked!
  • It’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing what is right for you and your family. Set your own rules and learn as you go.
  • Banza Pasta – chickpea pasta that her kids love
  • Ezekiel brand toast is in the freezer section and is great
  • Dave’s Killer bread is one of her favorites
  • Some kids like their flavors separated and not together, so try thinking about mixing foods less and separating them out on their plate
  • Really yummy sauces are a good way to get kids to eat veggies.
  • Set your kids up with a solid multivitamin to make sure they get what they need on days that are less than perfect.
  • You cannot and should not force your kids to do anything.
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