Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking some of your favorite beverages. I personally feel that lemonade is synonymous with summer and I don’t want it to go away. With that in mind, I marched over to my neighbor’s house to ask her if she would consider switching the drink she had in her hand for a freshly-squeezed, cold-pressed, organic juice from my friends at Noble Juice! Karen and her daughter’s reactions were awesome and I was so glad I was there to get it on camera. Check it out:

I won’t mention the brand she was drinking before I introduced her to Noble Juice, but I can tell you that it was a powder that she mixed into her water and the first ingredient was high fructose corn syrup. The first two of just four simple ingredients in Noble Juice Organic Lemonade is filtered water and organic lemon juice not from concentrate. If that simple fact alone isn’t enough to make you switch your juice, I don’t know what is!

There’s no denying that this drink is a treat, and should be thought of as one of those special drinks you give yourself from time to time to say “way to go you…you made it through a tough day and deserve a tasty beverage.” Sipping on this lemonade will delight your taste buds with the sweet addition of organic agave nectar! There are never any additives or and you can always count on no artificial colors, ingredients, or preservatives in any of Noble’s Juices.

So if you would like to extend your summer, make a lemonade stand, or just take a few sips while you are in your favorite chair at home, Noble Juice has your back! You can find Noble Juice Organic Lemonade in your local southeast grocery store, but they are quickly expanding across the US. Make sure to check HERE and enter your zip code to find the nearest retailer. Get Noble Juice in your fridge as soon as possible!

*Noble has compensated Lean Green DAD to talk about their delicious lemonade. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.

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