Amy Roskelley is one-half of the amazing team of Moms that created Super Healthy Kids, one of the internet’s most positive, influential, and motivating forces to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies. In our podcast we focus a lot on how Amy got her kids to pack their own lunches, how long it took for her son to actually enjoy eating salad and her favorite go-to meals when she is in a bind. With school back in session and lunches being made across the country, we are honored to have Amy join us to share some of her quick tips and thoughts on how to save time, money, and stress when preparing foods for your little ones.

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Super Healthy Kids Healthy Habit Plates are a wonderful tool for you to help your kids think about eating healthy foods!
  2. Prepare in advance by making sure that lunches are set out and ready to go. Furthermore, make sure you have healthy foods cut up, sliced, and diced…ready to go for your kiddos to make healthy choices.
  3. Remember, your kids want to make their own lunch just like they want to buckle their own car seat! When younger siblings see their big brother or sister making their own lunch, they will want to make theirs too! Think of it as like the “trickle down” or “peer pressure” effect.
  4. Amy agrees that the real food movement is a big deal, but just because something is in a package doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat it. Having little packets of apple sauce that have clean ingredients in them are ok! Check the ingredients and make sure that you can pronounce the stuff on the label and you’re good!
  5. Amy does not make her kids try new things. There is always a lovely assortment of healthy food. She feels that mealtime should be centered around bonding and time together as a family. Every meal has a vegetable! It took some more time than the parents that encourage their kids to taste new things, but it’s ok! Amy chose this path and it worked really well for her. Every kid is different and sometimes a different strategy for each kid will work best.
  6. If the kids want a second helping of grains or bread, then they DO have to eat the rest of what is on their plate to have a second helping.
  7. Make sure your kids are really hungry for dinner. If they come home and have a snack and then another snack or two, the kids will not be hungry for dinner. The longer your kids have not eaten…if they are hungry, the vegetables and fruits will actually taste better to them!
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