Hey Teachers,

After dropping one of my little bundles of joy off to school today, I heard a report on NPR that talked about how the number of educators has dropped due to teachers being exhausted, overwhelmed, and underappreciated. Tonight also happened to be the open house at the elementary school my two oldest children attend. After a wonderful start to the school year and now tonight, a great visit and open house, I thought I would write a letter to you wonderful men and women who are still out there…teaching and molding the lives of young ones.

Thank you. Please really hear that. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing right now. This year. This school year and any other school year you have worked as a teacher of young people. You have the absolute most important job in the world. As a parent to three young children, I want you to know that we parents love you. We appreciate you. You spend so much time with our kids and are our partners to help make them into the wonderful human beings that they will one day be.

You Are A Superhero

Everyday you have to be “on” and I am in awe of that. Many of us get to sit behind our desks and work at a computer. We might make the occasional phone call where we have to be on our game or negotiate a business deal, but you have to always know what you are doing, have your lesson plan set, and teach with conviction…all while holding their attention. You are dealing with little people who have ten times as much energy as you on a daily basis, and for that, you are a superhero.

You Should Be Paid Like A Doctor

Doctors save lives, but I argue that teachers do too. I have personally visited many schools in low income areas and have worked with many teachers and students. Many do not have the funding in their area to have an optimal learning environment. Situations in children’s home lives can be tough. Kids might come to school and be lost or sad or have any number of situations going on, but you help them forget. For just a few hours, they get to learn something and that one thing they learn that day might be something that could save their lives.

You Are Selfless

Being able to put others before yourself is one of the most noble qualities anyone can ever have. You do this without thinking, simply by entering this profession. Every single day you shape and mold young lives. You motivate through your unique teaching style. Your signature style is something that will resonate with some of your students for the rest of their lives. You deserve a massage, spa day, or even a pedicure…so go get one darnit!

In closing, I would like to reiterate that we love you. We appreciate you. You don’t hear it enough, but this dad and our entire family thinks you are awesome. You don’t do this job because you have to…you do it because you want to. One of you out there is molding the next President of the United States or the next innovative businessman or woman. You contribute to our country’s future and if it were my decision, every single day would be Teacher Appreciation Day!


Cory Warren
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