Just three short years after the birth of KultureCity…the message of acceptance for families living with autism is spreading far and wide. Thanks to Jeff Belles, an AUsome dad out of Ohio, KultureCity Ohio has launched! KultureCity Ohio is a way for Ohio families to stay informed and connected to all the AUsome activities that KultureCity organizes locally.

After spending time with some amazing people in Birmingham this summer, Jeff and Amy Belles, fell in love with the belief that they too can change the Kulture, push boundaries, and fight for acceptance for families living with autism. They are parents to Carson, an amazing little guy who has autism. Jeff says “If you want to change the world, start in your own backyard.” This is the driving force behind KultureCity Ohio.

If you want to change the world, start in your own backyard.

Jeff and Amy Belles

Jeff writes, “Birmingham taught us that it takes the people that are not directly impacted by something to care as much as those that are, to change the world. For us, that something is autism. We’re just kids from Akron, but we have a burning need to make this world a better place. We thought we would be out of place at a ball in Birmingham, but we were exactly where we needed to be, and we are ready to join this movement. We are excited to see where this leads us. Let’s stand together and change the Kulture of autism.” [Belles is referring to KultureCity’s Kulture Ball annual fundraising gala]

Lean Green DAD is a proud partner and supporter of KultureCity. 

About KultureCity

Founded in 2013, KultureCity is an impact-driven nonprofit with the mission to create a world where all individuals with autism and their families can be accepted and treated equally. The organization fundamentally believes that these children are not limited by their diagnosis and deserve a future without limits. Its programs reflect its mission to change the “kulture” on how autism is viewed in the world today. To date, KultureCity has helped more than 14,893 individuals with its toy and tablet programs, as well as the lifeBOKS initiative that helps prevent wandering and wandering-related accidents and deaths in children with autism. It has also launched several sensory-friendly initiatives that focus on making local attractions and restaurants sensory-friendly. For more information, visit kulturecity.org.

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