Remember the movie “Anchorman?” There’s a scene where Ron Burgundy gets fired from the news station and strolls aimlessly down the blistering hot streets of San Diego, with a carton of milk in his hand? He takes a few swigs and then says the famous line “milk was not a good choice!” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, when it comes to working out and training, contrary to what you might hear from some professional athletes claiming that it has miraculous recovery benefits, milk can definitely “whey” you down.

When I am training for triathlons, sprint races, marathons, or just focusing on strength training, I always go back to the same thing for recovery…organic fruit and vegetable juices. The greener, the better. There is one drink in particular that I really love from my friends at Noble Juice called “Royal Mandarin Greens.” As you know, I don’t talk about anything on my blog unless I truly believe in it and use it. If you were to come to my house right now, you would see them lining my fridge.

All the ingredients in this delicious drink come together to pack an excellent nutritional punch for my training and recovery. There aren’t many ingredients, which is awesome! I thought that I would break each one down and explain the benefits. Then we will discuss the taste! Without further ado, here are the fantastic four ingredients that help me train harder, jump higher, and be a super strong athlete:

Tangerine Juice – We all know that tangerine juice has more vitamin C in it than orange juice, but did you know that the antioxidants it provides can reduce inflammation? Now that word inflammation is used a lot, so let me clarify. After biking or running for a long distance, your muscles, tendons, and joints feel it. It’s important not only to maintain a healthy diet, but to choose a recovery drink that will aid in helping you recover from the physical activity you participated in. That’s where tangerine juice comes in. As a post-workout drink, it helps to refuel my muscles so I can get out there and train again the next day. Drinking this vitamin-c rich juice can also increase your iron absorption by up to 30% when paired with iron-rich foods like nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Spinach – As one of the world’s healthiest foods, there are so many benefits from eating (or in this case drinking) spinach. Zinc is one of the main benefits of this lovely, green powerhouse. When you train for high-intensity endurance exercise, often times it can open you up to a compromised immune system as your body constantly tries to recover from the physical stress. Zinc helps by strengthening your immune system so you can keep going strong.  Add the many other health benefits of spinach like protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese and you’ve got yourself quite the addition to your juice!

Kale – Kale is rich in folate and magnesium, but also has lots of wonderful fiber. We all know what fiber does…it keeps things moving! Including you! Being an endurance athlete is hard enough. Not having a regular system can wreak havoc on your race time. Keep things in check by keeping kale in your life.

Spirulina – I don’t know what it was that made my friends at Noble Juice pick this addition for their drink, but I am so glad they did. As a major superfood, just three grams of spirulina contains over 60% of muscle-healing protein. In addition to vitamins A, K1, K2, B12, iron, manganese, and chromium, spirulina has tons more beta-carotene than carrots and is loaded with more iron than spinach itself!

Want to know the best thing about all of the fabulous green things inside this drink? You can’t taste them! Seriously. The drink has a green color to it, but it tastes like straight tangerine juice. No, I am not just saying that so you will try it. I had my son, who is not a fan of green drinks, give it a try. At first he was reluctant, but I told him it was a magic trick and that it was actually tangerine juice that was green. He totally bought it and asked for more. It’s a great drink folks, and it’s my go-to post-workout drink. Thanks for the magic in a bottle Noble Juice! Find Noble Juice at your local grocery store by clicking HERE.

*Noble has compensated Lean Green DAD to talk about their organic tangerine juice. For more details on what this means, please visit our disclosure page.

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