We all want our kids to eat more greens. In fact, I think that we can all agree that eating more kale, spinach, romaine and other great greens can only help our overall health. Check this link out to view some of the healthiest greens out there! Even though we know that they are good for us and are healthy for our kids, we just can’t seem to get them into our diet as regularly as we would like!

The Problem With Greens And Kids

Greens look weird. In fact, they taste weird too. I mean seriously. To our kids, eating something out of the ground that was in the dirt doesn’t make a lot of sense, right? I mean, if our kids are used to eating fast food, quick-fix meals that are high in carbs and sugar, it makes total sense for them to be freaked out by a pile of leaves on their plate. These struggles are very real, but the thing we need to remember is that just because something is hard, doesn’t mean that we stop trying. In fact, we have tried a few things that have been extremely successful in getting our kids to eat green vegetables…especially leafy greens. I hope some of these might help you and your family climb aboard the “Green Veggie Train.”

It’s All About The Marketing

My grandpa used to say that certain foods would give me rosy cheeks and curly hair. I thought it was funny, but it was never something that resonated with me as a kid. Not that there’s anything wrong with rosey cheeks and curly hair, but I wanted more than that for eating my greens! I wanted to be strong, fast, and like a superhero! In fact, that is what I tell my kids today. Greens have the power of antioxidants, vitamin C, and can improve athletic performance, so am I really that far off by telling them these things? No! Tell your kids whatever you want to tell them about the benefit the greens will have on their body. Tell them that it will make them jump higher, see better, have a better chance of fighting off colds, and of course my favorite one: it will give them super strong muscles. Have them flex their muscles for you after each bite. Show them that you eat your greens and explain to them what it does for you. Flex your muscles together in the mirror. You are teaching them to love their body and the food they put in it.

When In Doubt, Blend and Mask

I have a secret weapon in my fridge called Green Vibrance (that’s an Amazon affiliate link that sends us some loose change if you decide to purchase) that I use in smoothies every morning. I use this product whenever I make a fruit smoothie that is really rockin’ in the sweet fruit department (lots of bananas and strawberries or blueberries) but might be lacking in the greens. Just one small scoop of this really works well and you cannot taste anything because the taste is masked by the taste of the fruit. Taking it a step further for busy parents…if you are low on time and want a great tasting smoothie that will give your kids everything they need to have a wonderful start to their day, try our Clean Green Protein. It is the one and only product we sell on this website. It has greens and whole-food protein and it tastes AMAZING! My kids drink it right down better than any chocolate smoothie. The flavor is vanilla chai and is absolutely incredible.

Super Healthy Kids Meal Plate

Having a plate with veggies pictured on it, including the green ones, is a big help. In fact, you can even challenge them to get to the pictures! How do you get to the pictures? Well, if you look at the Super Healthy Kids Meal Plate from Super Healthy Kids, you can see a cute, little, animated cartoon at the bottom of the plate. If you cover the pictures with the veggies that match, you can challenge your kids to eat until they see the picture. Now, it’s like a game and could potentially be lots of fun. It’s their special plate! Use it!

We hope some of these suggestions will help you add more greens to the meals in your house. As we said before, it may not be easy, but the payoff is huge! Even if nothing works at first, keep trying! Don’t give up! Keep putting these healthy foods in front of your kids over and over again. Not only will you be setting them up for a successful day, but you’ll also be teaching them a lesson that will hopefully stay with them all their lives. And that is; food is fuel. Their body will run like a well-oiled machine if they feed it the right foods. Get their tickets for the Green Veggie Train now! “All Aboard! Chew, Chew!”

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