When you are told that a hurricane is definitely going to hit you where you live, it can be a bit upsetting to say the least. We got that news just a few days ago. As a native Floridian, we are used to that kind of thing. In fact, I have personally been through three or four major storms in my lifetime. When an impending storm is approaching, you are urged to “hunker down.” That is the official terminology they use, at least. While it is a funny term and there are some people that overreact and freak out a bit when a storm is approaching, it is definitely no laughing matter.

In addition to grabbing water and gas in your car, the next most important thing is food. You are supposed to have at least three days of food and water per person in your house. While the stores flood with people, I have found that the plant-based items I look for are usually not out of stock. I have listed a few of them here and hope that if you ever find yourself in a tough weather situation like we did, that you will not let your health and nutrition get sucked up by a tornado.

Three Great Vegan Hurricane Survival Food Ideas

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. I am not going to act like this is some stroke of brilliance folks, but I did want to remind you that this meal requires absolutely no refrigeration, baking, heating, grilling, or preparation other than putting all the ingredients together! BUT…the nutrition of your PB&J depends on what you use for your materials. Yes, making a PB&J can be an art form if done well. I use a wonderful brand called Crofter’s organic strawberry jelly that I grabbed from Whole Foods Market. In addition, I use the only peanut butter in my house, NuttZo Spread, which contains seven different nuts! It’s organic and wonderful in every way. Finally, for the bread, I used Dave’s Killer Bread, which is non-GMO certified, organic, and contains ingredients that I can pronounce. 

Bars, Bars and more Bars! Having bars on hand is a great thing! The less junk they have in them the better. I have pictured (above) three bars we have in our house, ranked in order of preference and healthiness (is that a word?). It is now! My #1 go-to bar that I always have stocked in the house is the best tasting bar in the world. The Vega Sport Chocolate Peanut Butter bar (that’s an Amazon affiliate link that sends loose change our way from Amazon if you choose to buy). It tastes like a peanut butter cup and is packed with muscle-building protein and other amazing things for your body. Second in line is the dark chocolate, cherry-flavored KIND bar. What a wonderful bar. My kids love it. Finally, we have organic Cliff bars, which we buy in bulk at our local food store. Out of all three, I would say those are the least healthy and more like a treat, although the same could probably be said for the KIND bar. Either way, they will keep you alive and happy during a hurricane, so I am all about it.

Smoothies With No Power? No Problem! If you are used to drinking smoothies like we are, you know that you need power to blend your smoothie, right? Wrong! The smoothie will definitely have a different consistency in that it will be a bit more liquid and less frozen, but it will still have all of the nutrition you need to keep you going strong though the storm. Vega makes an excellent powder that we use every day. With just a bottle of water, you can add the powder to it, shake it up and you will be all set! You can buy Vega One at Whole Foods Market or on Amazon by clicking HERE. (Amazon affiliate link).

Thanks so much for reading and I hope that these simple ideas give you some insight into planning for a major weather event. We often don’t take the time to get prepared until we receive a major warning and by then it is crowded, busy, and frantic out there in your local grocery store. Some of the items mentioned above were still around and available when I want to the store, so I know you’ll be able to find most if not all of them! Be safe and hunker down everyone!

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