As you walk down Main Street USA at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom theme park, all of your troubles seem to float away. The street smells like popcorn, there are balloons floating in the air, and it is pure happiness. It is truly the most magical place on Earth! As an Orlando-native and someone who has worked for Disney, who has a wife that works for Disney, and who has had multiple family members work for Disney, I feel more than obligated to spread the word, as a plant-based influencer, about their latest inclusive addition to the park…vegan ice cream!

Walking through the park with my family has always been a treat, but because of our choice not to eat dairy, the classic ice cream parlor at the end of Main Street USA has never been an option for us. We were not upset about it. It was just something we walked past as we made our way to the next attraction; perhaps the stand serving the most delicious popcorn on Earth! You see, no matter how healthy you eat on a daily basis, everyone likes a treat every now and then, and the perfect time to indulge is at a Disney park!

We have always been pleasantly surprised to find that the classic Dole Whip that is served at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is vegan, but I recently noticed that the ice cream parlor in the Magic Kingdom is also serving a wonderfully creamy, dairy-free option in both chocolate and vanilla flavors! Dole Whip is “off the chain” good, but it is always wonderful to have additional options, especially if your dairy eating family members are headed to the ice cream parlor.

The two new options come from brands that are household names for us dairy-free folks. First, Tofutti makes a wonderfully smooth and delicious ice cream! It is a soy-based ice cream that is 100% dairy-free and delicious. The second option is Rice Dream, which is of course a rice-based, dairy-free ice cream. Vanilla and chocolate flavors are available for your plant-based family, so get out there and give them a try! A huge thank you to Disney for creating such a wonderfully inclusive environment in their parks!

I am in no way suggesting that these cold and creamy treats are health foods, but gosh darnit, every now and then you crave a sweet treat! Remember, it’s how you eat most of the time that really matters. For our family, we always stay plant-based, no matter what. So if you and your family are plant-based or vegan like us, and are out looking for a sweet treat at Walt Disney World, feel free to stop by the ice cream parlor on Main Street USA. There, you can have a wonderfully sweet treat just like everyone else!

Cory Warren
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