If you know me, you know how I feel about my coffee. A true Gilmore Girl at heart, I love everything about the coffee ritual; the aroma as it brews, the warmth of the cup, and the slight bump in energy I get after taking a few sips. I’ve been a drip coffee gal at home, but I’ve always longed for the taste of homemade lattes! However, the idea of that crazy steam thing attached to the cumbersome espresso machine has always stopped me from trying to make one at home myself! That is…until today…

Our friends at Ninja asked us to review their new Ninja Coffee Bar® System. I didn’t think this coffee maker would offer me any features that I’d love more than my old, reliable drip pot, but I was absolutely wrong! The first feature I’d like to mention is the awesome water tank. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing this feature on coffee makers specifically designed for single-cup making, but I’ve never seen this on a drip pot coffee maker. It’s awesome not to have to fill the reservoir every singe time I make coffee. This is especially handy in the morning when my aim is off!

The second fabulous feature is the many different size options this machine offers.

You can choose sizes ranging from a full pot to a small coffee mug.

There’s even a travel mug size! There are so many different TYPES of coffee options! From regular brew, to espresso, to specialty, this machine does it all. And not to worry, there’s an awesome measuring spoon attached to the side of the machine to help you measure just the right amount of coffee grounds for the specific type of brew you’re after!

So, remember my FOF (fear of frother) from the beginning of this article? Well, for my third favorite feature, I’d like to mention the amazing frother.

This hot or cold frother transforms your creamer into the silky, foamy, yumminess you’ve come to expect only from your favorite coffee shoppe.

Seriously, this feature makes me want to jump for joy…or rather, hold my pinky high as I sip my homemade latte from the comfort of my recliner! I no longer have to wonder if my favorite cushy seat at the coffee shop will be available to sit in…I have it right at home!

So if you love coffee like me, you can’t go wrong with this machine. Dads, it is the perfect gift for the mom in your life. I can fulfill all my coffee needs in one place! Better yet, this machine pays for itself in just a few months compared to purchasing your usual favorite coffee when you’re out! Time for a sip! Pinkies out!

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