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The holiday season is almost over, but before we say goodbye to 2016, we have to make it through without feeling bloated, sick, or tired. To help you through, I have worked with my daughter to bring you five easy things you can do to keep you going strong through the holiday season. Listen in and enjoy!

5 Tips To Help You Survive The Holidays: 

  1. Make yourself a raw meal. Salads are always good raw, but you can make yourself a bowl of fruit in the morning and be done. Make sure to check your dirty dozen app first though to make sure you are eating organic fruits. Try this Raw Vegan Peach Cobbler from Kris Carr.
  2. Do 25 pushups before you get into the shower. You can do it. Even if you are on your knees and do a modified pushup…you can do it. If you can’t do 25, do 5 or 10 and work your way up. This is an easy one and I hear Jamie Foxx does this too. Don’t you wanna be like Jaime Foxx?
  3. Do 25 squats before you go to bed. Who needs a blanket when you can do some leg-warming squats. Eliminate the food going to your thighs and burn it away before you sleep!
  4. Take a multivitamin. Make sure you take and organic, whole food vitamin only. You might also want to look into a time-released capsule or liquid multivitamin. As long as you go by these parameters when buying a multi, you should be all set.
  5. Take Vitamin C and lots of it! There is lots of vitamin c in fresh fruits and veggies. You can juice them and get a ton. You can also take vitamin C in powder form. You can find it in calcium ascorbate for sensitive tummies and its regular and most widely recognized form of ascorbic acid. When our kids are sick we give them their age in grams, so if your child is 4, you would give them 4g or 4,000mg of vitamin c. For kids you can get gummy vitamin c gummies. For adults you can mix it in orange juice or a liquid of your choice. There are no known or documented side effects for vitamin C.
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