Has Mick Foley Gone Vegan? How The WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Dropped 100 lbs!

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You know Mick Foley as a bone-breaking WWE Superstar, who put his body on the line night in and night out, but today, in addition to being the General Manager of the WWE’s Monday Night RAW brand, Mick has his personal health and well-being at the top of his mind. A while back, he decided he needed a change and started eating better. What did he eat and how did he do it? Well, we will talk about all that, but the significance of this episode number is that the changes that he made ended up helping him lose over 100 pounds.

This feat is not just something that Mick is doing temporarily. He has made a full lifestyle change, and that’s what makes it so incredible. When you are on the road as a professional wrestler, it is often times hard to find healthy food. In fact, with catering and fast food being around you all the time, it can be very easy to put on the pounds rather fast. It was interesting to hear Mick talk about how his losing weight might affect his wrestling persona or “gimmick” as he called it in the podcast. Today, on WWE Monday Night RAW, we see a slimmer, leaner Mick Foley and the hardcore legend has regained a lot of mobility and flexibility that he had lost due to carrying the extra weight around.

I also enjoyed when Mick mentioned that he feels that sometimes the healthy stuff that we eat should taste…healthy. He feels like it should be a bit of work to eat right and with so many “healthy” products out there that taste amazing, he spoke on how it seemed too good to be true and he’s not entirely wrong. Often times, foods are labeled “no sugar added” or “gluten free” or even “organic” can be misleading as they are filled with lots of sugar and other disguised sweeteners. The best way to know that you are getting the best foods in your body is to do what Mick says in the interview: “Stick to the produce section.” Once you achieve a healthier lifestyle for yourself, you will have renewed energy, mental clarity, and tons of additional benefits that will last forever. Thank you again to Mick for the interview and keep going that extra mile for your family everyone!

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

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  • Dr. Michael Greger’s Book How Not To Die by Dr.  Michael Greger
  • A great plant-based protein bar that I absolutely love is Vega’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bar. When I say they taste like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, I am not kidding. It seems too good to be true…but it is!


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