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Today’s guest is simply known as Swamburger. He is one part of one of my favorite musical groups, Solillaquists of Sound. With five amazing albums and touring across the globe, I discovered this group from a co-worker at one of my past jobs and now I am a huge fan. “Solilla” is a socially conscious group, whose content is centered around life-affirming, justice-oriented views held by the group. Alxandrah and Swamburger make up the MC’s for the group, poet Tonya Combs helps with the lyrics and background vocals, and world-wide DJ, composer, and producer, DiViNCi mixes the group’s unique sound.

The group calls Orlando home, which is where I am based out of, so I knew that sooner or later we would run into each other, but I had no idea it would be at Market on South. My favorite local vegan restaurant happened to have a chill looking dude in a sweatshirt ordering his food that was in front of me. My son and I had just finished seeing a friend in a performance at the Dr. Phillips Center. He was waiting on something and we had a quick conversation about donuts and how good they were at Market on South (shout out to Celine!). After that, I just had to tell him that he looked like one of my favorite rappers. Turns out IT WAS HIM! Swamburger! Crazy how the world brings us together, right? Here is the picture from when we met:

I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did. Swamburger is a wonderful dude and the group has some incredible music. Everything they do has a purpose. Their art through music is different than anything else out there, but if I had to compare it, I would say that it is reminiscent of MosDef, KRS One, Public Enemy and a few others from that era…not necessarily that they sound the same, but that they speak on socially conscious content. Each song is a life-affirming work of art and they dare to be different without worrying about what other people think. For that, I love them and the fact that several of them are vegan just makes them that much more awesome. Enjoy the show!

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