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I was fascinated to learn more about Bee Free Honee after learning about them at the Seed Food and Wine Festival in Miami. I had a chance to try one of their “honee straws” and I was hooked! The small samples offered an alternative to something that I have always wondered about…honey! As a vegan, who truly cares about animals and their wellbeing, I always seemed to be stumped when it came to bees. Bees are not harmed if we eat their honey, right? Bees use what they want and then the rest would go to waste if we didn’t use it, right? Also, what about all of the wonderful nutritional qualities it has and the ability to help your allergies during pollen season here in Florida? With all of these thoughts in my mind, I was lucky to have an opportunity to talk with Katie Sanchez, one of the two Founders of Bee Free Honee.

Katie and her business partner, Melissa Elms, came up with the product after a mistake in the kitchen! That’s right! While Katie was trying to make apple jelly, she accidentally created a product that would be loved by so many and also have a huge impact on the world. The product proudly boasts that by purchasing their “honey” that you are saving approximately 7,500 bees! Did you know that it takes approximately 60,000 bees to make one pound of honey? I was shocked to find out that a bee’s travel during their entire natural life cycle should be within a two or three-mile radius! If you think those few stats are interesting, wait until Katie shares her thoughts with you on the underground movement of “honey laundering!”

Katie is a wonderful person and a joy to talk to. You can purchase Bee Free Honee on Amazon by clicking on the amazon logo below (our affiliate link) or you can visit their website and purchase directly from the site! Either way, there are four great flavors to choose from and after personally trying each one myself, I can tell you that you will be overjoyed with your purchase. Enjoy the show!

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