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As a clinical cardiologist, a traditional medical school does not teach you any advanced nutrition or prevention methods to help your body fight heart disease, hypertension, and overall heart health. Dr. Jaimela “Jami” Dulaney decided to take her practice to the next level by incorporating a plant-based diet into her prescriptions! Today she practices in Florida and focuses on reversing heart disease with a simplistic approach that incorporates a whole food, plant-based diet into each patient’s regimen.

Like many of us, Jami realized early on that heart disease was common in her family. With her mom’s parents dying in their early forties and late fifties, she knew that she needed to keep a close eye on her own health…especially if she was going to be giving others advice on how to stay as healthy as possible. It’s a rare thing today to find a doctor who considers food a part of their protocol when it comes to healing patients with heart disease. Jami is not only practicing this at work, but also trains every week by running, biking, and swimming. She has also competed in many long distance triathlons!

When choosing her career, Jami says, “Cardiology made sense to me. By controlling risk factors for heart disease I could help people to avoid the fate of my young grandparents. I never thought that hypertension or diabetes could be reversed, only managed. As far as my own genetic risk, I sought to stay in shape and eat what I thought was a healthy diet. The reality I believed was that if I exercised enough and controlled my portions, I could delay the onset of those conditions. So I switched from golfing to running and started running marathons. I framed my finisher shirts and displayed them in my office to motivate my patients to exercise.”

Her diet made a major shift after reading “A Diet For A New America” by John Robbins, where she decided she had seen enough animal cruelty and suffering, and became vegan. It wasn’t until she watched “Forks Over Knives” that she actually connected the food we ate to the health and well-being of her heart and overall health. She cut all animal products, removed any added oils, and consumed little to no sugar in an effort to be a shining example to her patients. With this effort and major life shift, Jami elevated her level of success when it came to athletic competitions and started to incorporate more nutritional guidance into her practice.

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