The psychological impact that the military has on an adult can be huge. Marriages can be tested…relationships with friends and family tend to disappear due to the difficulties in communication. Although the struggles for adults are real, these same struggles are magnified for kids. Although my father’s military service was over before I was born, I can only imagine how hard it must be to move from town to town or not seeing one of my parents for an extended period of time.

During a tough time in our lives, it always feels good to have someone we can relate to. Julie Frost was once a “military kid” herself, who traveled all over with her family. She truly understands the many challenges that military families face. A former Walt Disney World performer, Julie combines her experience and never-ending energy to provide a positive, inspirational, and motivational show through her company, Julie Frost Kids. Her debut album, which appeared at the top of the charts on Amazon recently, is filled with wonderful motivation for military kids, but also appeals to all types of kids.

Our favorite song is “Lean Green Eating Machine,” which shares the story of a young girl (quite possibly Julie) who likes to sneak junk food, but realizes that it makes her feel slow and sluggish. When the little girl looks to her dad for advice on drinking foods that are all green, she suddenly feels energetic and happy and realizes how simple it is to incorporate more green foods into her life. Another crowd favorite is “Choose Happy,” (music video below) where Julie relates to kids by telling them that no matter what crazy things are going on in their lives, that they are in charge of their own happiness by choosing to look on the bright side.


Songs like these are important now more than ever. Yes, of course, there are many shows out there that are geared towards kids. But these songs and free videos on the Julie Frost Kids website, are helping to contribute to overall mental health, self-confidence, and serve as a source of true inspiration from a shining example that is right in front of them. Julie Frost Kids partners with therapists, school counselors, teachers, and creatives around the world to contribute to her life-changing content. Julie is 100% accessible through her social media channels and is available for bookings by contacting her through her website.

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