I used to think that vacuums were all the same. We were lucky enough to receive a new Dyson for our wedding over ten years ago and used it for a while. After a few years though, believe it or not…it lost suction! The one thing they said it would never do! I tried to get it replaced, but the model that we had was discontinued and I was offered a discount, which still made a new unit very expensive. That’s when I discovered that I could save money and not sacrifice a bit of the high quality I was used to. I found Shark vacuums. They have “rocked” my world with their new Shark® Rocket® Complete Lightweight Vacuum with DuoClean™ model. I am happy to say that I currently own two Shark vacuums and feel like a total rock star. Thanks to the good folks at Shark, (who sent me a unit to review) my crazy house full of kids is clean most of the time.

If there is one feeling I simply can’t stand, it’s walking into the kitchen and having bits of snack, cereal, and food left over from the day, sticking to the bottoms of my feet. In fact, I hate it so much that I am an avid vacuumer! I vacuum every day and I have yet to find a product that gets the large and small debris all in one swoop. The new Shark® Rocket® Complete Lightweight Vacuum with DuoClean™ model has Triple Particle Cleaning, designed for an incredible clean. There is even a new dual brush roll system that automatically transitions from floors to carpets.

We have lots of different flooring in our house. We have carpet, of course, but we also have a back porch area that is thinner carpet and then we have tile and lots of area rugs. This unit not only cleans all of the aforementioned surfaces, but it also adjusts to a really powerful wand that can clean all those hard-to-reach places that are way high up. The power is in the handle on this unit, as the handle has two settings that will enable you to easily switch from the “High Pile Carpets” to the “Bare Floor, Area Rugs” settings. And let me tell you…the area rugs setting is amazing. I can easily vacuum bathroom floor mats without them bunching up on me, and THAT is a win for sure.

How Does The Rocket Complete Perform On Floors and Carpets?

Direct engagement with a soft brush roll removes stuck-on dust, fine dust, and large particles all at the same time. The soft brush roll pulls in large particles, while the deep-cleaning bristle brush removes the embedded fine dirt. With two brush rolls working together, the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology picks up large particles, small particles, and stuck-on particles — on all types of floors and carpets.

Upon visiting the Shark website, I found that they are going head to head with Dyson. In fact, they have a side-by-side comparison that makes this model way better than the comparable Dyson model. Check out their website. The best thing about the Shark vacuums, especially the Shark® Rocket® Complete, is that they are so light! Another important thing to note compared to the Dyson is the Shark model’s LED light! I know what you’re thinking: “A light on a vacuum?” Trust me, it goes a long way when you are trying to clean a tile floor and you need to see underneath the kitchen table. Actually, the LED light just might be my favorite feature. Sometimes I vacuum with the lights off on purpose!

I mentioned the price earlier. This model is $259, and Shark stands by their claim that the unit will never lose suction or power with their awesome 5-year warranty. You can also get it on Amazon for around $224. (That is our affiliate link that will send us some loose change if you purchase there). The price is definitely right for a model with this much power and versatility. I have never had a better all-around vacuum experience…and trust me, I do a lot of vacuuming. I like a clean house. This vacuum has easy-to-use fingertip controls, wonderful maneuverability, and remarkable floor to ceiling cleaning. It obliterates embedded dirt and stuck-on dust, while providing improved flexibility. Did I mention that if you buy directly from Shark there is a free lifetime warranty and free shipping? I love a brand that stands behind their product. If you are in the market for a vacuum my friends, go grab this one. It really is that great!

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