When it comes to plant-based eating, a lot of folks take it very seriously. There some very serious groups out there that are passionate about this movement, and they should be. Eating this way has turned around so many lives and really helped folks redefine what their personal definition of health really is. When it comes to Jill McKeever, she is definitely serious about what she does…but she does it with a smile and often times…bunny ears. Yes, today’s guest reminds me a lot of “Ellen” in the way that she dances, laughs, and never takes herself too seriously. At the same time, Jill has created a supportive, welcoming group on Facebook that helps folks transition to a plant-based diet. I encourage you to check out Jill’s books on Amazon, including one of my favorites, OM Gee Good Instant Pot Meals. She is pretty magical in the kitchen and I know you will love the way that she presents her information. Enjoy the podcast everyone!

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Jill’s Book: OM Gee Good Instant Pot Meals
  2. Follow Jill on Facebook HERE
  3. Follow Jill on YouTube HERE
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