Jill Nussinow is the author of many wonderful cookbooks, but her latest, Vegan Under Pressure, was a go-to book for my Instant Pot success! I was new to Instant Pot when I met Jill, but now that I have her book in my hands, I feel like a pro. At least I know I have a pro right by my side when it comes to making delicious Instant Pot meals.

My favorite part of this interview was the great tip I got about rice and beans from Jill. If you want to cook rice and beans in the instant pot, follow the directions for how much liquid you use for how much and what type of rice you are using and then use the rack that comes with the Instant Pot to place an oven-safe bowl of your beans on TOP of the uncooked rice. Set it to pressure for the time that her chart says (we made brown rice, so ours was 22 minutes) and then add your spices to your beans and you will have a perfectly delicious beans and rice recipe that you will love! I hope you enjoy our podcast!

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

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