82% of Purple Carrot’s customers aren’t vegan…and that’s why they are changing the way the world eats and thinks about plant-based food. Meet Andy Levitt, Founder of Purple Carrot. Andy founded one of the most innovative meal prep and meal delivery services in the United States. Purple Carrot is taking the country by storm by making eating a plant-based lifestyle easier than ever before. Listen in to get a taste of how Andy balances his busy life with four wonderful kids, a strong business relationship with Tom Brady, and his personal views on a plant-based lifestyle.

Andy’s journey to eating more plant-based foods started when he saw the health benefits of eating this way. After learning more about a plant-based diet himself, he decided he wanted to create a brand that could be completely accessible, non-judgemental, or preachy. As he continued to learn more about how eating this way could have a positive impact on the planet, he started to think of his kids. How could something so simple as eating more fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains actually help our planet? This type of forward thinking is what started what Andy calls the “first vegan food for non-vegans!”

Purple Carrot is helping make plant-based foods accessible to the masses and they do it with a welcoming, inclusive attitude that caught the attention of superstar Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady. As you know, Tom Brady, also known as the GOAT (greatest of all time), eats a plant-based diet. The TB12 meals that Purple Carrot provides are geared towards athletic performance and contain a bit more protein than the normal meals. With partnerships like these and positive thinking, Purple Carrot is definitely on the move to make a huge splash in the plant-based world!

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